Examples of great documentation – Installing Atlassian Confluence

Trying to get my own digital house in order, I set about installing Atlassian Confluence last night on my Ubuntu box. Needless to say, I found the documentation provided by Atlassian deficient and frankly painful to read.

Anyway, looking around the web for clearer and more intuitative instructions to get the installation right – I stumbled across this page from Linode Library.

The above page by far is the best piece of documentation I have seen this year. It clearly steps you through the entire process from start to scratch, every step, every package needed, and how to install it in a way that will just work.

And thank heavens I found this page today, because the Atlassian documentation had left me in despair and unable to get things working satisfactorily (as in it was b0rked out of the box). Said b0rking wasn’t helped by Atlassian uploading a version of the file to the CDN platform which failed CRC checks thus unable to correctly unzip.

So kudos to you Linode, may you live long producing such elegant and useful documentation. You’re bookmarked permanently.