So, what the hell do you want to know about me?

I’m a 30-something, former 11-year public servant, with more time on his hands than he might like. In my former professional life, I tred to encourage the rest of the service to get on board & deliver the public what they actually want and need from our profession.

Having escaped the sector, I’ve moved back into the technology game – now working for a global firm with sadly more money than sense. At least it pays good and keeps me out of trouble.

When I’m stuck at home with nothing to do, I’ll try and get out to do some photography, travel, or anything else which keeps my mind off things.

I could be posting on all manner of things here, from ranting about terrible management, my need for a flight just to escape, neighbours who don’t have any human decency or respect for others – the topics could end up being totally random so you’ll never know what you’ll find here.

That’s a small insight for now, much much more shortly.

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