My easy roast beef dinner

So as you would know, I do like to cook. I enjoy it as one of my few passions and distractions from the daily grind that is my so-called life.

During the week, one of my twitter followers – Kitta, the pre-eminant monkey spanking food denying blogger of Perth, bemoaned the inability of her boyfriend to cook her a roast dinner.

Stepping up, I decided to show my easy to cook roast recipe. Sadly, her boyfriend failed to respond to my challenge to cook it for her – so this is a beef roast, not a pork which I gather is his favourite. Don’t worry, I’ll do the pork recipe and my apple sauce another time.

So – if you’re ready to begin cooking, get started from this photo. The ingredents and step by step instructions are included in the photo notes.

Please enjoy, and let me know what you think.

And if you’d just like to gawk and drool over the photos, here’s a selection of some below for your eye-nomming enjoyment.

Roast beef, vegetables and tomato gravy

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to complete: 2-2.5hrs (note, there’s a lot of couch time in this recipe).
  • Nutrition: Contains three out of your five serves of daily vegetables, nutrients retained in peas and corn through steaming in water, potato skins for roughage.


My easy roast beef dinnerLet's get startedLet's make our extra marinade & gravy baseGet those extra tomato juicesBlend marinade/gravy baseStarting your roasting pan
Get your meat outGetting your beef started.Set your timerPrepare your potatoesBoil!Preparing your potato pan
The potato panDrink time10min later...Alfred Hitchcock hates hard potatoesI choose roasting!Roasting - Stage two
And now for...Seal it!Low and slow, then a drinks breakBack to workPrepare your veggiesGet up and steam
My easy roast beef dinner, a set on Flickr.

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